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Dearly beloved

Saturday was fantastic! It was so good to see the place nearly occupied – glory to Christ our Lord!

We started a new series on how to build a solid foundation in Christ Jesus called Foundation Truths. I kicked off by asking the question, “describe for me the type, look and condition of the house or building that best represents your spiritual life.” Right then, people started looking into the far left corner of their eye, some looked up the ceiling but everyone started to think deeply about the type and condition of the house or building that best described their spiritual condition.

If you missed the sermon – pause now and think about that question and re-examine your spiritual life. Because if the image you have in your mind is less than a house that is solidly built on strong foundation and shaped with beauty and character then perhaps you might understand why you’re succumbing to the storms of life.

See Ezekiel said some lives are like “flimsy wall and covered with whitewash” – that is, just a facade  - but God is like the building inspector who comes to do us a favour and He knocks on the foundation and pushes on the walls because He is checking to see that we are not only looking nice and strong on the outside but really solid and strong on the inside (or are we rotting and weak on the inside?) Read Ezekiel 13:10-16 cf. Matt 7:24-27.

So here some thoughts for you from this week’s signpost:

1.     Remember “the higher the building – the deeper the foundation needs to be!

2.     Think wisely how you are building your life

3.     Choose wisely what you are using to build your spiritual house.

And if you are looking for some spiritual building materials? You can get this from the Resource page of in the coming days and follow this life building series. It’s time to build a strong and solid foundation in Christ Jesus! Amen?!

With much love and peace

Ps Michael & Janet Sim
Current Events and Matters for Prayer

From Heb.6.4-5 pray for every person in CiTiGATE Church:
1. To be enlightened and awakened to God in Christ Jesus
2. To taste the heavenly gift - our Salvation
3. To have the Holy Spirit
4. To taste the goodness and reality of the Word of God
5. To taste the powers of the coming age
6. To look after the "Treasure - Christ" and not the "jars of clay"
7. To be passionate for Jesus Christ.
8. Pray for Ps Michael & JAnet as they and the Kingdom Builder team lead the church in 2011
9. Pray for an awakening of God in our Community - Footscray, Inner West, Western Suburbs and Melboure Victoria
10. Pray for the ministries of Ps Tak Siong (Asia - Advanced Leadership) and Joan Roose (India - Jacobs Well)

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Visit our fortnightly OASIS groups that meet in 2 different locations - Footscray and Werribee

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