Children’s Ministries
Children's Ministries CiTiGATE children's church is looked after by caring and capable kingdom builders who love the Lord and children. Children church meets in the adjoining room next the main auditorium after worship each week.

Parents can leave their children in Children's Church so they can participate in the main service.
OASIS Groups
OASIS Groups in CiTiGATE Church operate mid-week. An oasis is a fertile place with water in the desert and a place that provides relief for travellers from the heat and challenges of the day. Likewise, at any CiTiGATE OASIS group, every life traveller can find physical and spiritual refreshment, support and encouragment.

When you come to an OASIS group, you will find fellow traveller on a life journey with God. Come and stop by an OASIS group during midweek and find strength and rest.

Here's what OASIS stands for every person who drops in:

O Outreach and reach out to every person with acts of kindness, love, and hospitality.
A Adore and worship God.
S Share life and journey together.
I Intercede for one another by prayers.
S Study and explore God and His Word.

Youth and Adult Ministries


There are currently no youth or adult ministries. Your prayers about these ministries are much appreciated. If the Lord is leading you to help start these ministries please contact Ps Michael for a chat. We love to hear from you.
Youth and Adult Ministries
252 Gordon St
Footscray VIC 3011
Located at Footscray Church
of Christ Building. Mel. Ref. 2S A6
0433 55 39 39